Better than Mayo

Looking for Vegan Mayo? Epicure has your answer! Mix it with pantry staples for an instant mayo that is better for you and egg-free. This plant-based mayo makes a great alternative.It has no gluten, egg, dairy, soy, mustard, or coconut.

better than mayo

This could be your new favourite and if you are dairy free or vegan this mayo is for you.

It’s part of the new Epicure Catalogue! Make sure to get it now.

better than mayo mix

Better than Mayo Recipes

Picked up some better than mayo and looking for some recipes?

Here are some that you can make today.

Grilled west coast fish sandwich. This easy sandwich is a nice easy lunch you can make today. Grab the recipe here.

Better than Mayo 1

You can also make a grilled sandwich as well with it and change up the fish to chicken. Get the recipe here

Better than Mayo 2

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