Epicure ramen broth

epicure ramen broth

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I was worried at first that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations of delicious Ramen that I find all over Toronto. I love a good Ramen soup and it’s tasty and comforting. RAmen is a popular noodle soup that can have different toppings like pork, and scallions.

We put the Ramen soup to the test!

I tested it out on my kids and threw in what we had. We tried it with bokchoy, tofu egg, and noodles. I tried it without adding salt and it definitely was low sodium! If you want it to taste more like the ones you are used to in a Koren restaurant definitely add a bit more salt.

The ramen broth is easy to make with a flavour of tamari and garlic. You can make it with boiling water. It’s gluten-free, nut-free and made with ethically sourced ingredients.

If you want a recipe with it here is a sample one from Epicure

ramen broth mix

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