Easy Peasy Bolognese

epicure vegan bolognese

Epicure’s answer to vegan meat is here! Epicure easy peasy bolognese is all the flavour and texture of beef without meat. It has a source of vitamin B12 and zinc and is made from sustainable, gluten and soy-free, vegan pea protein.

It can be made with water, canned crushed tomatoes, and non-dairy cream. 1 package will make 4 cups. Add it on pasta, zoodles, stuffed peppers on a pizza.

epicure bolognese seasoning

Here’s an easy video showing the easy peasy bolognese in action and how easy it is to make.

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Easy Peasy Bolognese 1

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Easy Peasy Bolognese 3
Easy Peasy Bolognese Sauce Recipe

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