Pink Lemonade

Epicure has released a new product for Summer 2022! Pink Lemonade! This herbal tea blend has a tart citrus flavour, a hint of sweetness and a pink blush.

It’s easy to make and just steep 5-7 minutes for a refreshing caffeine-free ice tea. Note depending on where you live some feedback from consultants is that the lemonade isn’t the same pink as shown on the package. You can try this drink as a cocktail, add bubbly water or with lemon.

Simple Syrup for Mocktails and Cocktails

If you want to turn it into a nice drink for summer on the cottage deck or just your backyard to stay cool. Simmer 1 cup sugar with 1 cup water until it’s thickened for 10 minutes. Remove the heat and add 4 tea bags. Then let it steep for 1 hour or even better overnight.

pink lemonade

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