Epicure Maple Miso

Epicure maple miso is part of the new marinade collection. My favourite part of this new collection is how it can be made in advance!

You can mix it with rice vinegar, maple syrup, and oil and add it to the chicken, and veggies and refrigerate overnight.

In addition to putting on your favourite protein for kebabs or meat or grilling you can use the spice in many different ways.

Popcorn, fish, add it to root veggies or anything else that might need a sweet kick.

1 Jar of Maple miso can marinade 5 lbs of meat or protein.

maple miso

Other ways to use Epicure Maple Miso

Some other creative ways to use maple miso include hamburgers, rice

Is Epicure Maple MIso close to Epicure Oh Canada?

Epicure Oh Canada has a milder and sweet taste. The miso is saltier and better as a marinade mix.

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