Montreal Steak Spice

A popular seasonal item is Montreal Steak Spice is a favourite based out of Montreal Canada. It’s traditionally used on meat.

It’s now expanded to so many different dishes including steak!

Why Epicure Montreal Steak Spice?

Epicure products are gluten-free, non-GMO, and free or artificial colours. With this steak spice it’s low on sodium compared to the other brands on the market. Epicure Montreal Steak seasoning can be used as a rub or a seasoning. One jar coats 6 pounds of meat.

To make it a dry rub just rub in on the mat. To make it a wet rub add oil.

Looking for a Montreal Steak Recipe? Here’s an easy one.

montreal steak recipe
steak spice

How do I use Steak Spice?

Rub the steak spice generously on both sides of the steak before grilling.

This is a seasonal item and usually around only for summer.

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