What are the benefits of joining Epicure?

what are the benefits of joining epicure?

Thinking of joining Epicure?


To become an Epicure Ambassador you need to purchase a business kit for $99 USA and $125 Canadian. After that, you have amazing benefits and perks.

Let’s talk more about the benefits of Epicure below.


The best perk I think is making income from your sales! You will make 25% commission on your sales when you start. The commission goes up from 25%-33% depending on where you are in the commission structure.

Discount on your Food

When you join Epicure you get a discount on your Epicure products! It’s a great perk! I host my own Epicure cooking classes/parties and often have my own benefits that I haven’t had to purchase my own food in a long time!

No inventory

When you join Epicure you are not required to purchase any inventory. I recommend you DO NOT purchase inventory to sell because a customer can purchase products directly from your website in Canada and the USA.

Create your own schedule

When you join Epicure you won’t be required to work certain hours. Since you are an independent consultant you can work it around your own schedule. If you need to go pick up your kid from the doctors appointments, or a boss asking you for a report on a good Friday.

epicure benefits


Epicure provides lots of training, and resources for you to help you with your business. Tons of training from Epicure head office, guest speakers, and your team! If you are a member of my team you will get tons of training from me.


Did you know that Epicure consultants have the opportunity to earn free trips to destinations like Mexico? We also have conferences you can travel to as well!

If you have questions about joining Epicure contact me!

Join Epicure in Canada

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