What do you get for joining Epicure?

Considering joining Epicure?

Let’s review what you get when you join Epicure and become an ambassador (changed from Epicure Consultant)

The first step is to join Epicure!

To join Epicure you need to buy a business kit. From there you get the amazing business kit full of tools you need including meal solutions, spices, and some of our cookware.

Business in a box

If you sign up with me (Anne) as your ambassador and guideI will personally help mentor you to join Epicure, work on your business and help you succeed. It’s a great side income, a way to earn extra money for things like gas money or groceries or make it a business.

I work Epicure as my main business and love to help people achieve success.

You get a discount!

When you become a consultant you get a discount on your own items. It acts as a rebate where you get 25% off back in commissions on your own products. I also host my own cooking classes so I usually never have to purchase my own Epicure! It’s an easy way to stock up on products you like, gifts, and even gifts for teachers and friends.


In addition to training from Epicure, you get training from me. I’m one of the top 1% off Epicure who has earned incentive trips including a trip to Mexico, won top awards on stage, and more. I will help you start your business to achieve the level of success you want.

You make a commission

My main reason for getting into Epicure was to have some income coming in. With Epicure, you make a commission that starts at 20-33% off your sales. Commission varies.

Someone taking care of distribution and marketing

If you were to have your own business selling widgets you would be responsible for the inventory, distribution, production, and shipping. Epicure takes care of a lot of this for you. You don’t have to figure out how to produce Epicure because it’s all taken care of for you by the corporate head office. Products ship from Canada to Canadians and Americans to Americans.

Your own website

Unlike starting your own business where you have to create, and maintain your own website you get your own Epicure website that people can buy from in Canada and the USA.

Want to learn more? Contact me today so I can answer your questions and if you are ready to join click the link below!

Flexible Schedule

An added bonus is you can sell Epicure during your own hours. Unlike a 9-5 job you can decide when you want to work. In other jobs you have to stick to a certain schedule. Direct sellers have worked other jobs, in school, raising children, and homeschooling around their Epicure schedules.

Interested in joining? Contact me today or sign up below. Shopannedickson at gmail.com

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