Epicure Bruschetta

Epicure bruschetta is a great seasoning for an easy quick bruschetta. You can combine it with olive oil and diced tomato and serve it on crusty bread for a tasty treat.

Like all Epicure seasonings this one is free of preservatives, no additives, and made from ethically sourced ingredients. Use it on your pizza, mac, and cheese, egg dishes, loves, tomatoes, and more.

Epicure Bruschetta seasoning is perfect for when you have an abundance of tomatoes that are fresh!

Epicure easy bruschetta recipe will be your new favourite.

Here are some epicure bruschetta recipes you can make today.

Hot Artichoke Dip and oven-roasted tomato bruschetta

This easy dip can be prepared with any hot dip from Epicure. It takes 30 minutes to make and is great for appetizers or guests. I recommend baking them on the Epicure sheet pan.

epicure brushetta

Epicure Bruschetta and Green beans

Looking to change up your dinner sides? Add some tomatoes and brushetta on top of your green beans for a nice seasoning. Serve it with your favorite protein like chicken or mashed potatoes. Get the recipe here

Epicure Bruschetta 1

Why Epicure?

Epicure products are gluten-free, made in a nut-free facility, and free of artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners. Epicure makes it easier to make healthy dinners for you and your family.

Epicure Bruschetta 2

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