How much do you have to sell with Epicure?

Are you looking to sell Epicure and trying to figure out how much you have to sell as a consultant?

An Epicure Consultant is someone who is an independent consultant with Epicure and makes the commission of the product sales. Right now the current requirements are you need to sell 250 QV (which is about 250 Canadian) in one month every three months.

Example if you sign up in January and sell 250 QV you do not need to hit the minimum in February or March.

If you sign up with me as your consultant or part of your team I will send you reminders to make sure you don’t lose your consultant status.

Most people who are working their business are doing well above 250 in sales.

So how much much do you have to sell with Epicure

The bare minimum is 250 in one month every three months. But the more you sell the more you will make!


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me with epicure ceo
me with the Epicure ceo

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