How does Direct Selling Work?

Direct selling is selling a product (in this case food, spices, cookware) directly to the end customers without a physical retail store. In some cases it might be insurance, legal expertise, or not a physical product.

It is usually sold through consultants or representatives 

Some of the ways it can be sold are through a party planning/ or hosting model.

In the case of Epicure, some of the sales happen through a cooking class which can be a home party or vendor event. It can be a fun way to experience the product, taste the food, and then also make try the food. 

It’s also sold through vendor events, and online. 

Can you make money with Direct Sales?

Yes ! Yes, you can make money with direct sales and it’s a way you can make money from home. BUT there are things to watch out for and it’s not guaranteed that it will make you money.

How do you get paid?

I can’t speak for every direct sales company but with my company, you get paid weekly in commission off your sales.

Direct Sales does not pay a salary or hourly wage. It is commission-based sales and your own business.

Things to watch out for

Do not stock up on inventory

As a direct seller, I encourage you to avoid any company that you need to buy inventory from or anyone who thinks you need a lot of it.

Your customers should be able to buy off your website and have the products shipped directly to you.

Keep track of your expenses

As an independent representative, you are not making a salary and commission only. Be careful about tracking your expenses.. Do not run out and buy all the business-related things. Binders, pretty planners, things branded with your company. You don’t need any of that starting off.

Pressure from people

If you feel pressure from someone to buy something, join and stock up don’t join. You do not have to join anything if you don’t feel comfortable!

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