Smoked Spanish Paprika

Epicure’s smoked Spanish paprika is mild, smoky, and sweet. This red spice is used in Spanish cooking like chorizo. Epicure’s smoky flavour comes from slowly drying papers over an open fire.

This paprika is made with 100% paprika and free of artificial colours and preservatives. It’s sodium and sugar conscious, made of ethically sourced ingredients, and non-GMO.

Have some Smoked Spanish Paprika and wondering what to make? Here are some meal ideas.

Smoked Spanish Paprika Recipes

Here are some smoked Spanish paprika recipes you can make today.

Add it to season deviled eggs, soups, stew and casseroles, side dishes or more.

Eggs Benny

Eggs Benny can be made with bacon, smoked salmon anything you would like. This easy recipe uses just a pinch of smoked Spanish paprika.

eggs benny

Creamy Corn Chowder

Add it to your favourite chowders


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