Carne Guisada

Looking for an easy dinner idea? Check out Epicure’s newest product Carne Guisada. Carne Guisada is a latin-American inspired beef stew.

Epicure’s easy-to-make version is a mellow, beef flavour with a touch of cumin and not spicy. You can make it by adding two ingredients including stew beef and green peppers.

It goes well with rice, tortilla or mashed potatoes.

We took the Carne Guisada for a test spin and made it in the instapot.

I didn’t have green peppers but used red and yellow peppers.

The first step is we whisked together the seasoning and water.

We added some oil (i recommend olive oil) and added it to the saute pan to saute it. Add both the peppers and the meat.

Then I added it to the Insta pot and used the pressure cooker setting. You can also make it in the Epicure Saute Pan if you don’t have access to the an instapot or pressure cooker.

The result was an easy stew we could eat that the whole family can love. Or if you’re looking for a meal for 1-2 it easily makes leftovers you can freeze.

If you are looking for Carne Guisada seasoning check out Epicure’s version!

Carne Guisada 1
Carne Guisada 2

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