Chinese Five Spice Wing Seasoning

Chinese five-spice has notes of anise, fennel, cinnamon, and white pepper. It’s great on ribs, chops, and roast potatoes.

Chinese five spice is not hot but can be intense in mix of flavours.

It is a great sheet pan dinner with some veggies like green beans and baby potatoes.

Epicure’s Chinese five spice is non-GMO, gluten-free, nut-free and sourced from high-quality ingredients.

What do you use Chinese Five Spice in?

Chinese five spice can be added to lots of different recipes including chicken wings, seasoning for beef, pork, tofu or stirfry noodles. It would be great on top of ribs!

Chinese Five Spice recipes

Here are some recipes you can make with Epicure’s Chinese five spice.

The easiest recipe is the Chinese five-spice wings. Mix it with soy sauce, the spice, and coat. It goes well in the air fryer. If you want wings that aren’t as hot you can mix them with red pepper jelly.

Get the recipe here

chinese five spice wings

Chinese spice can be used for a simple sheet pan meal that can throw together on a busy weekday. I love it because they take 20 minutes to prep and then in the oven. The protein can be changed to pork, beef or tofu and the vegetables can be changed as well depending on what you have in your kitchen to use.

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Chinese five spice

Another great idea with Chinese Five spice is adding it to fish. Here’s a recipe you can make with Chinese Five spice as a coating for fish. Get the recipe here

Chinese five spice chicken

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chinese five spice recipes

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