Tips on Choosing A Direct Sales Company

Thinking of joining a direct sales company? Here are some tips for joining one and things to look out for.

Direct Sales companies are an option if you are looking for an extra revenue stream, a way to make extra money, or be able to work it around your existing job.

As a direct seller I’ve found success in it but there are things you should watch out for.

Is there a product to sell and do you love it?

If the company isn’t selling a product and just selling an opportunity run. There should always be physical products to sell and they should be something that you personally use and love. If it’s something like jewelry and you are more of wear the same bracelet everyday kind of girl then this might not be a good fit. Do some research and make sure the products are ones that you can stand behind and sell. Products can be anything from insurance, jewelry, food, sex toys.

If you don’t love your products, you won’t want to sell them!

What are the start-up fees?

What are the costs of joining the direct sales company you are interested in? Are there monthly fees? Is there a business start-up kit? Do they require you to buy products every year? Month? Etc

Where can you sell?

Where can you sell the products? Just in your country? Outside your country? Worldwide? Check the requirements and ask before you join. For example, the company I’m with is located in Canada and the USA.

Do not stock up on Inventory

My advice is never to buy inventory. If you join a company and the company/person you signed up with suggests buying a lot of things don’t. You don’t need that much physical inventory to do well and your customers should be able to buy off your company-provided website and you can make a commission.

Compensation Plan

Let’s talk money. Look for compensation plans, how much commission you can make, and how you get paid. For example, with my company, the commission starts at 25% and you get paid on Friday. Ask for the commission plans and how you get paid on products.

How long has it been in business?

There are a lot of start-ups that come and go and it is appealing to be the first rep on the scene selling the product. But with that comes many challenges. The company might be ready for growth, it could have technological challenges, or they could just go out of business! Older established companies might have more reps but more stable.

Commission-based sales is not for the faint of heart

Unlike jobs with a salary, you can’t come in, sit down and phone it in or collect an hourly wage. Like other businesses you it takes time and effort to build a successful direct sales business and you won’t have instant results overnight.

Looking to join a Direct Sales company?

Disclaimer, I am in Direct Sales and with TRANONT personally had great success with it. I love selling consumable goods people come back to buy over and over again. I really enjoy how we are in US and Canada and the CEO and staff are amazing staff who care about our success.

If you want to join and learn more here’s the links to join

join tranont

tips on choosing a direct sales company

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