Ancho Lime Rub

Epicure’s Ancho lime rub will become your new favourite. This delicious flavour goes will fish, beef or anything you want to grill this summer.

ancho lime recipes

Ancho Lime Recipes

Mild Ancho chili heat with refreshing notes of lime. One jar of ancho lime coats about 12lbs of protein. The blend is vegan, low sodium, and has no artificial flavours or colors.

You can make this a dry rub or a wet rub. Wet rub is the rub mixed with oil (I recommend olive) and dry is just rubbing it on fish, beef, chicken ribs, or your favourite protein. You can bake or pan-fry it.

Here are some examples of Ancho lime recipes you can make.

Ancho Chili Prawn Tostadas are a great meal based on Mexico/Latin American dishes. The tostada refers to a deep-fried or toasted tortilla base. Get the recipe here


Ancho Lime Steamer Rice would pair well with the shrimp or the fish fillets below. This one can be made quickly in the Epicure steamer or my preferred method is the rice cooker. Get the recipe here

ancho lime

Ancho Lime Fish Fillets are a popular way to use the new ancho rub! Inspired by the taste of Mexico this spicy meal will remind of you your last getaway in Mexico! Get the recipe here

ancho lime fish

Thai Chili Lime Shrimp recipe is a fast and quick recipe you can make with ancho lime. I love the kick it has and a great dinner idea. Get the recipe here

Ancho Lime Rub 1

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