Epicure Louisiana Wing Sauce

Do you love wings and want to find some DIY versions? Check out Epicure’s Louisana Wings sauce!

This tasty sauce Grounds allspice, cayenne, chili powder, and garlic. It’s available in the USA and Canada and NON-GMO.

This sauce is straightforward to make.

To make the wings take the sauce and liberally put on chicken wings. After that it can go straight into the oven for 25-30 minutes on 400. I recommend using Epicure’s sheet pan, pan liner, and cooling rack. If you have a air fryer the wings are perfect on them too!

If you need some other meal ideas you can make with the wing sauce there are southern recipes you can make.

The first one is Louisana Greens. Get the easy recipe here

easy greens

Chicken and Rice is also a classic and southern-inspired dish. Get this easy recipe here. You can make it in the multipurpose steamer and it can be served with the greens above!

Epicure Louisiana Wing Sauce 1

Sheet Pan prawns are an easy fast dinner that can be cooked in an oven on a busy weeknight. Here is the recipe.

Epicure Louisiana Wing Sauce 2

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