2023 Direct Sales Planner is here

Our 2023 Direct Sales Planners is here!!

As a top Direct Seller, I know what it’s like to have a business with lots of things on the go. In addition to work, and kids, adding a small business is a lot! A lot of the planners on the market are beautiful but don’t include things you need for direct sales and are also very costly.

That’s why I created this planner for you. As the top 1% of my company, I wanted to have a planner that can be used by my team and myself and then I thought let’s make it for everyone!

It includes some sections aimed at you the direct sellers

Monthly Planning

Each month has a monthly planning section so you can plan your goals each month. What gets measured get’s done. It has team goals, and your personal goals as well.


I love doing gratitude and being thankful for what I have (vs focusing on what I don’t have). Each month there is a section for you.

Expense tracker

Expenses are a big and important one to keep track of! Make sure to talk to your accountant and bookkeeper to keep track.

Vision Planner

A few pages are devoted to you finding your vision! Plan out where you want to be in the future (not where you are now). Think about that health goal you want, spiritual, and personal goals. Add your future vacation, your home reno, whatever you want!

Follow ups

A section for new customers and follow-ups! Leave a note for people you need to have to follow up with.

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