Cran-Lemon Loaf Mix

Epicure has released a new delicious product called the Cran-Lemon Loaf Mix! This tasty item is easy to make with some eggs and yogurt and our mix. Use our mini loaf pans to make a delicious snack and top it with a glaze with icing sugar.

OUr items are low sodium, dont’ have artificial colours of flavours. You can cook it in the microwave in our Epicure cookware or in the oven.

You can make it into muffins, loaves, or cake pops. I pack it into my kids lunches for an easy snack.

Epicure cran-lemon

Here are some other recipes you can make with cran-lemon loaf mix.

Want to change up your pancakes and your breakfast? Change it up with cran-lemon loaf. Get the recipe here

lemon loaf

Want some easy recipes?

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