Epicure Holiday Seasoning

Epicure Holiday Seasoning is back! This delicious seasoning is great for Thanksgiving, the holiday. It has a mix of sage, and rosemary and is gluten-free.

What are the Epicure holiday Seasoning ingredients?

It’s a mix of herbs including lemon, onion and black pepper.

Here are some Epicure Holiday Seasoning Recipes

Root vegetables are vegetables that grow in the ground like carrots, onions, turnips, or parsnips. Sprinkle the holiday seasoning on it and put it on the sheet pan. Get the recipe here

Epicure Holiday Seasoning 1

Wondering what to do with Squash? Stuffed squash might become a new favourite!

This easy recipe uses holiday seasoning, acorn squash and lentil for an easy meal for your guests. Get the recipe here

Epicure Holiday Seasoning 2

Want some easy recipes?

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