Epicure Fast Path

If you’re thinking of starting a business Epicure has a new Fast Path program to help you get started.

The program is designed to hit the ground running with months 1, 2 and 3.

This is subject to change so talk to me (if I’m your leader) or if I’m not talk to your leader or the person who signed you up.

If you’re thinking of joining Epicure sign up with me below

Epicure Fast Path Program Month 1

In month 1 if you sell 1,000 you earn $100 Canadian/ $75 US in free Epicure products and credits!

After your 1st qualified cooking class you receive An Epicure branded apron and a fun digital banner!

Epicure Fast Path Program Month 2

Month 2 if you sell over$2,000 in two months you earn the equivalent cash back of your business kit! What a great deal. The kit is $99 US or $125 Canadian

Epicure Fast Path Program Month 3

If you sell over $3,000 (so 1,000 in this month) you earn free conference registration to the next Epicure conference and $150 Canadian / $100 US in free products!

Sponsoring bonuses

Some of the sponsoring bonuses include $50 Canadian / $40 US for every friend you sponsor in your first three months. They must hold a qualified cooking class in their first month to receive this bonus.

Want more detail?

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