Yaki Udon Noodles

Yaki udon is a Japanese stir-fry dish made with thick, chewy udon noodles and a variety of vegetables and meats. The name “yaki” means grilled or fried, and refers to the method of cooking the noodles and ingredients in a hot skillet or wok.

To make this dish, you will need a few key ingredients. First, the udon noodles. These can be found at the regular grocery store in the international section or Asian grocery stores. You will also need a variety of vegetables to add to the dish, such as bell peppers, carrots, onions, and mushrooms. For protein, you can use chicken, shrimp, or tofu, or even a combination of these. I usually add what I have in my fridge for veggies and protein is what’s on sale at the grocery store.

The Epicure version is easy to use and you need the meal solution, veggies, noodles, and some protein. We made the udon noodles by boiling them in hot water (read the directions for advice)

Overall this is a super easy recipe and a good week time meal day dish for busy people.

Epicure  Yaki Udon noodles

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