10 Simple and Delicious Vegetarian Recipes for Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday is a movement to encourage people to reduce their meat consumption for both personal and planetary health. One easy way to participate is by incorporating vegetarian recipes into your weekly meal plan. Not only are these dishes delicious, but they’re also packed with nutrients and free from the environmental impact of meat production.

It’s a great way to save money on your groceries bills as well!

Here are 10 simple and delicious vegetarian recipes that are perfect for Meatless Monday:

Spinach and Feta Egg Bites

This meatless recipe uses egg instead of meat! Super easy to use you can make it in 20 minutes. Get the recipe here

Epicure Spinach and Egg bites

Vegetarian Lasagna

This classic dish is easy comfort food and can be made vegetarian! It requires more advanced planning then other dishes since it’s going to be in your oven for an hour. Get the recipe here

Epicure Meatless Monday Vegetarian Lasagna

Spicy Black Beans

Black Beans are a great source of protein and great for a meatless Monday. This one is seasoned with Epicure Chili. This one goes well with a side salad or a good simple lunch. If you don’t like it spicy I would recommend vomiting the spice or adding less peppers.

I also love to stock up on dry beans and soaking them or if beans are on sale grabbing a bunch for recipes like this one.

Spicy Black beans meatless monday

Spinach Artichoke Pizza

Epicure Alfredo sauce is a versatile dish that can be used for more than pasta. You can make it into pizza and use alfredo into a nice sauce. This dish is not vegan. Add some spinach to it and Epicure’s better than bacon (bacon bits) are made out of Pinto beans! Get the recipe here.

Alfredo pizza

Couscous Salad

Another popular one in my house (but messy with kids) is the Epicure couscous salad. couscous is a staple food in North African cuisine and is made from durum wheat semolina that is steamed until fluffy. Couscous is a great source of complex carbohydrates and provides fiber, protein, and a range of vitamins and minerals. Epicure spices go well with couscous and this one mixes well with our Greek dressing. Get the recipe here

Couscous salad

Black Olive Salsa

This salsa goes great on top of a baguette. Black olives are a staple of Mediterranean cuisine are a great source of healthy fats and provide a range of vitamins and minerals. Black olives can be used in many things from pizza, pasta or salad dishes. This recipe mixes Epicure’s pico salsa with olives. Omit the hot sauce if you want to keep it not spicy. Get the recipe here.

Black Olive Salsa

Summer Tofu Stir Fry

This recipe is perfect for when peaches are in season! This one calls for smoked Tofu but I’ve never been able to find it in stores and use firm tofu. Use it with the Epicure Wok and serve it with rice. If you don’t have green beans you can change it up to a different vegetable but I would recommend keeping the peaches in it. Get the recipe here

Summer Tofu Stir fry

Coconut Lime Poke Bowl

This Poke bowl uses an Epicure Poke bowl topper. Poke bowls are originally a Hawaiian dish is a delicious and healthy way to enjoy fresh vegetables in fruits in vibrant flavors and textures. Traditional Poke bowls are usually made with seafood but this uses corn and salad instead of rice. If you want to change it up feel free to make it with the original rice. I love making poke bowls because my kids can pick and choose which items go on them. Get the recipe here

Epicure poke bowl

Winter Quinoa Salad

Epicure Winter Quinoa Salad uses gluten-free and high-protein grains for the base and white beans otherwise known as cannellini or navy beans. This one is great for Batch cooking and keeps well if you want to make it and eat it later in the week. You can change up the seeds and vegetables depending on what you have in your house. Get the recipe here.

10 Simple and Delicious Vegetarian Recipes for Meatless Monday 1


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