Epicure Morning Glory Muffin

Epicure’s morning Glory Muffin is a great gluten-free alternative and easy to make.

It is non-GMO, and kosher, and the mix is vegan. It has real carrots, apples, cranberry, and coconut pieces. I’ve been making them for the kids and packing them into lunches for a quick breakfast.

You can add toppings to it like berries, fruit, or nuts. I often just make them plain because both kids eat it. It used applesauce, oil (I use olive), and eggs. It’s seriously that easy to make!

Epicure Morning Glory Muffin 1

I haven’t tried some of these other recipes but you can also make pancakes with them . Get the recipe here

Epicure Morning Glory Muffin 2

You can also turn it into an apple loaf by adding apple, butter, egg, and milk. Get the recipe

Epicure Morning Glory Muffin 3

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