Epicure Memberships

What is an Epicure membership? An Epicure Membership means you can become an Epicure Ambassador!

An Epicure membership is 49.95 (You can join here in Canada and USA). You become an Epicure Ambassador, An Epicure affiliate, an affiliate will not get a kit in the mail.

Some of the perks of an Epicure membership is

-You can share the product and earn up to 33% commission. You also get paid weekly

-You can sell and receive commissions to Canadians and US.

-Share and promote Epicure as an affiliate and promote it on social media or sell in person.

If you sell 250 in your first month you earn free Epicure apparel

Exclusive invites to Epicure events and early launches of our new products

Exclusive perks just for Ambassadors

Discounts on other brands and perks (coming soon)

Extra perks for you in your first three months of being an ambassador

Tuscan Pasta

How do I promote Epicure?

You can share it on social media (I see you taking food pictures) and share your shopping link. Anyone who uses your link to shop with you will make a commission. Share your Epicure link on Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook and be a digital creator.

If you love doing things in person! (Who doesn’t love eating food in person!) you can promote it to friends, and family, or even have in-person tastings letting people experience products in person.



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