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Hi, I’m Anne Dickson.

Welcome to my Epicure consultant blog!

When my daughter Ella turned 3, I realized I had spent 3 years letting myself go. I wasn’t eating well; I no longer prioritized getting healthy. I had gained over 20 pounds, (Pre-kids I ran marathons!).

I knew I needed to make changes but wasn’t sure where to start.

I became an Epicure consultant to help you share easy ways to have real food in your life. I also love helping other busy people create a life they love by being an Epicure consultant and having some extra income helping others find easy healthy meals. To help you find balance in your life and good nutritious food.

I also knew I wanted a flexible job that would allow me to pick up my kids from school and be there for them while they were little. Epicure helped solve that by giving me an opportunity to work on my own terms around their schedules and create a business that I could do online.

It’s been a year with Epicure and I’ve lost 9 pounds, I’ve moved up to Epicure Leadership in 6 months and have had so much fun!

I really have found the right fit with this business and have helped others have an great business that works for them. Let me know if I can assist you on your journey! Whenever you need healthy meals, a discount on clean food or an income stream. Let me know how I can help.

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If you do not get the chills when you set your goal you’re not setting big enough goals.


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Our Mission

My mission is simple.

Urban and Modern is the life I want to live. I live in a downtown Urban centre but also wanted a balance life where I can eat healthy and spend time with my family. want to help other people make healthy meals for their families. No more eating fast food or processed foods that are awful for you. I want to help you get to a better you so you feel good on the inside and outside.

I’ve had so much success with Epicure I want to help others find that too. I help lead an amazing team of people run Epicure businesses. I want to help you grow this into something you love.

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