Welcome! My name is Anne and I’m so grateful you’re here!

I’m Anne Pathammavong Dickson, I like to help people find healthy meals they can make at home and lead an amazing team of 100+ women at men. I have won numerous awards like #2 rookie of the year, 2nd in sponsoring in the whole company, founded the diversity and inclusion committee and sat on the Epicure advisory board – an invite-only group of 12 consultants. (Stats from 2021)

Outside of business, you will find her in downtown Toronto keeping two small children alive, meditating, reading, and journaling. I’m also pretty funny!

Anne’s story

Anne journey started down the normal route. Get a University degree, get a good job, a career as a professional fundraiser, go get a partner/husband have kids. Then she took a leap of faith and joined direct sales trying to find a balance between keeping children alive but not poking herself in the eye at another baby circle time activity.

She rose to the top and broke recruiting records, spoke at her company’s conference, and leads an amazing team across USA and Canada helping others grow their businesses too.