Welcome! My name is Anne and I’m so grateful you’re here!

I’m Anne, I like to think I’m a cool mom living in downtown Toronto trying to keep two small little kids alive. When I’m not running after them I love to help people make healthy meals they can make quickly for their family.

I’m passionate about Epicure and helping others find the same things I have whenever it’s a full-time business, part-time side gig or just a quick meal!

Some of my favorite things

Anne’s story

Anne journey started down the normal route. Get a University degree, get a good job, a career as a professional fundraiser, go get a partner/husband have kids. Then she took a leap of faith and joined direct sales trying to find a balance of keeping children alive but not poking herself in the eye at another baby circle time activity.

She rose to the top and broke recruiting records, spoke at her companies conference, and leads an amazing team across USA and Canada helping others grow their businesses too.