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Here’s a tip sheet.

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Book list

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I’m an avid reader and here is my list of the books I love the most for your business! Get the list here

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Recruiting Tips

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Want some tips on how to recruit? Get the list here!

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Time Blocker

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Trying to figure out how to schedule your time and your business?

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My favourite apps

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Pic Monkey, Mailchimp? What is all this monkey business. Get my list of all the resources I use for my own business.

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How to expand your network

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Add biography text for your team member here. You can also remove this text if you’d rather just have a name and title.

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Want all the resources

Become a consultant

Members of my team get all the training and resources. Become a consultant today.

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Meet Anne

Anne is a direct sales superstar who has leads a team across North America. Anne loves helping people lead their best life and has spoke on stage at conferences and helped tons of people succeed in the business.

When she’s not working she enjoys living the good life in downtown Toronto, keeping two small children alive and travel, running (slowly) and eating all the foods.

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