Meal Planning

Meal Planning 1

Sick of meal planning?

… Here are some easy plans!

Meal Planning 2

ready to eat?

Epicure meals

Epicure Meal collections include printed and/or digital resources to make cooking and shopping easier for you! Cost is about $3–4 per serving, including groceries. 

Choose the plans

Open the Meal Kit and Choose one of the five recipe cards included.

epicure meal kit

Buy groceries

Using the list in the kit buy a few simple groceries. You can control what’s in your own own food to your personal preferences.

Meal Planning 4

Combine Fresh ingredients + Spices

Cook the meal using Epicure spices and your ingredients. Want lunch leftovers? Cook a double batch!

Enjoy a meal in 20 minutes

Cook the meal and enjoy a delicious dinner. Hot tip purchase an Epicure Steamer and you can cook it in the microwave.

Meal Planning 5