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Members of my team and downline will get a training program to guide, recorded zooms to help get them up and running. Learn at your own pace and start your business!

Hi I’m Anne

I’m an Epicure Senior Leader and love helping my team succeed. I’ve grown my team and business online while others were doing it in person!

I hope to help get you up and running and started asap!.

When Im not working Epicure I’m keeping my two small children alive and living in downtown Toronto. I love food, travel and reading!

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What’s in the business kit?

The kit has tons of Epicure products that you can start your business with!

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Here is what happens when you sign up…

step one

Fill out the form and chat!

Fill out the form and chat with Anne briefly about your goals and she can answer any questions you have. We then will get you all signed up and your ready to roll!

step two

Your business kit is on the way

Your business kit full of Epicure products, and some of our time-saving cookware is on the way to you! You also have access to your website right away to be able to start

step three

You are ready to start!

Once your kit is on the way you can tap into the Epicure trainings provided by Anne and her team to get up and running! We can help you throw your Epicure launch class and start your business!